Velokri® is an infrastructure software company. Our distributed computing platform software can dramatically increase the productivity of your current IT infrastructure. With our software you treat networked computers simply as resources for executing tasks or data storage. As your need for resources grows you simply add them to our platform. Velokri Platform software hides the complexity of communication between networked computers.

Velokri Platform uses the power of distributed computing to optimize your current CPU-intensive processing time, thereby obviating the need for additional hardware expenditure. As long as your network allows communication between your currently available servers you can create a software grid using our platform.

Our Platform empowers your IT infrastructure by placing at your command a highly secure and reliable state-of-the-art computing engine to handle more effectively and efficiently your current CPU-intensive work load and all additional load in the future. Furthermore, our platform may be configured to run as a multi-mirrored database system, a secure (2048 bit encryption) data transmission and persistence system, or a secure computing engine across data centers, to name a few.