Velokri Computation Engine (CE)

In most IT environments system resources are not optimized across all capable computers in the network. At any given time, peak usage is localized around a server to which a client dedicates its requests.

Diagram of Dedicated Server

Figure 1: Dedicated Server configuration

While a given dedicated server is busy processing the response, all other servers in the network that might have the capability to do the same work will remain idle. This is an extremely inefficient way of handling resources. As the number of computers in your network grows, in this scenario, your environment becomes more inefficient. This is analogous to having a multi-processor system where only a single processor is doing all the work at any given time. Although there are available solutions (such as processor binding features available in most operating systems) to handle a multi-processor computer's workload there are no available solutions that give you fine-grained intelligent control of distributable tasks. Velokri's software application Velokri CE solves this problem for you.

Diagram of Distributed System

Figure 2: Velokri Distributed Servers configuration

Velokri CE allows you to process several tasks in parallel across a set of servers in your network. Figure 2 shows how a Dispatcher server handles a client's request. The client simply connects to the Dispatcher and sends its request which may be a collection of complex sub-tasks. The Dispatcher forwards the sub-tasks simultaneously to other participating servers in the network. The responses from these servers are combined and a final response is sent to the client. All nodes participating in Velokri CE send their resource utilization and capability information to each other so the Dispatcher can send the request to the best available server at any given time. Velokri CE gives the appearance of a virtual server that processes the client's resource intensive request much faster than in a dedicated server configuration.

When you need to run sophisticated set of commands that are interdependent on each other, custom action scripts may be written.