Velokri Database System (DBS)

Velokri DBS

Figure 1: Velokri Velokri DBS

Velokri (DBS) is a database management system with an SQL interface. It is a distributed database where individual tables could reside in separate servers in the grid. Table rows can be added or updated via command line or custom action scripts along with Velokri CE. When an SQL request is received by Velokri Dispatcher (see Figure 1), it automatically routes the request to the best available server for the given request.

For instance, data manipulation requests for TableA are sent to the first server while those for TableB are sent to the second and third servers. Note, TableB is being replicated automatically by Velokri DBS. Velokri CE can be run along with Velokri DBS in a way so that various commands can output their values into the Velokri DBS to store information for future commands or SQL statements.

Velokri DBS provides in-memory caching and deferred disk writes. Also, data manipulating requests are automatically journaled that can be used to recover from an abrupt shutdown. It can also be further scaled using domains. Several SQL commands may be combined together to form complex instructions in the form of action scripts.