Velokri Encryption Layer (EL)

Velokri EL

Figure 1: Velokri EL

Velokri EL is a software add-on to Velokri CE and Velokri DBS that makes data transmission and persistence secure. For communication over network channels within Velokri Platform (i.e., between servers in Velokri CE/DBS) encryption may be performed using symmetric as well as asymmertic algorithms. When performing data persistence, encryption happens using a symmetric encryption key unless a client to the Dispatcher specifically requests the use of asymmetric cryptography. If asymmetric algorithm is used for encryption of database entries/rows, every chunk related to the entries may be decrypted only by the client that inserts it.

Velokri EL allows you to increase your grid size irrespective of geography. Your grid could include pools of computers that could be in separate networks connected by insecure links. Thus, your grid computing environment could securely grow to wherever IP network connectivity exists. Also, use of Velokri EL in Velokri DBS makes sure that data sets can be physically moved to any location without losing its integrity or getting compromised as long as the private keys are secure.