Velokri Platform Software

Velokri Platform consists of applications that provide a distributed computing (also known as a grid) environment. Whether you need to run computationally intensive tasks or store information in a grid, Velokri Platform can provide you with that capability. If you want to create a grid that consists of servers that are located across an insecure IP network, Velokri can encrypt its communication channels to guarantee data integrity. Your data in Velokri's database may also be encrypted, therefore a misplaced backup or hard drive will still keep your private data secure.

From a calling application's perspective our platform software appears as a highly scalable and secure virtual operating system. See the following chart to see how our platform differs from other large vendors in terms of its broad range of capabilities:

Comparison Chart
FeatureVelokri PlatformOracle 10gSun N1 Grid
Database System
Distributed DBMS
Computing Engine
Network Encryption 3rd party
Data Chunk Symmetric Encryption
Data Chunk Asymmetric Encryption
Application Level Routing