For Software Architects

Your applications can use all features of the Velokri Platform, namely computing engine and database (with or without the encryption layer) by first initiating a TCP/IP based communication with one of the server processes that are called SRVs. After authorization is complete, you can use this session context to send your requests and their dependencies. The client may request responses from SRVs to be handled asynchronously (using a separate receiving socket) or in sequence immediately.

The SRV processes are simply the front-end (or dispatcher) of Velokri Platform software. The real work is performed by other types of server processes called operations servers (OPS). The connection of various OPSes in your environment among each other and SRV processes defines the Velokri topology. New computer nodes may be added to your network and assigned an OPS in order to further scale your applications. Each OPS itself belongs to a domain and such domain mappings can be used to classify your computing environment into various subsystems. This allows you to manage your application's workload and delegate resources within Velokri Platform appropriately.

As a software architect you design how servers in the pool are to be used for execution or database related operations. Based on this information you can design the topology that Velokri may use, which can be completely independent of your own network topology. Once parameter files are created and appropriately tuned your application may begin sending fork()-able requests for execution or you may create your own set of libraries that are handled in-process by the calling OPS.

You simply insert probes from your application to the SRVs when a computing or database related task needs to be handled. Therefore, all of your business logic remains intact and you disturb your exising code only where work load needs to be dispatched to a server within Velokri Platform. Any additional code may be written as libraries that can be loaded during run-time using configuration files for OPSes.

Questions you hear about your applications are usually along the line : "Can it scale?" Using Velokri Platform software you can say more forcefully "yes."