For Management

Your organization's productivity is dependent not only on worker productivity but also to a large extent on that of your technology infrastructure. The infrastructure itself is composed of many servers along with routers and switches that connect them together. The real power of your architecture is not unleashed until the software you run on the infrastructure realizes available server resources and distributes the workload accordingly.

Using Velokri Computing Engine you can write complex rules to dispatch computation tasks across several servers. The intelligence built into our software uses current resource utilization or other custom rules to find the best available server for a given task in the pool of servers. This also provides your application with reliability not available in dedicated server computing environments.

The Encryption Layer feature of our software allows you to expand your infrastructure to include servers on separate data centers. Every packet that is sent between servers can be encrypted using asymmetric schemes such as 2048 RSA or simpler symmetric algorithms. In addition, if your application persists sensitive data using our Database System, each chunk of data in the data files can be persisted using symmetric or asymmetric algorithms. Encryption using asymmetric algorithms gives a client the exclusive power to decrypt its data.

In addition, your infrastructure growth does not have to require you to buy servers from big vendors for for a huge cost when you can buy inexpensive networked hardware to do the same, or better. This is a huge cost savings for you because to add an extra CPU on a server that is already maxed out will not require you to replace the whole server. Instead, using our software, you simply add another computer node to the network and and use this approach indefinitely. Velokri Platform software can also use all of your current investments in multi-CPU hardware to the fullest extent.

Cost Savings

The above figure shows cost comparison between a network composed of upto 12 nodes versus a 12 CPU hardware with comparable amounts of net-memory. The figure clearly shows a dramatic cost savings (90% or more) when a distributed computing approach is used in comparison with that of a larger dedicated server configuration. Furthermore, as more number of computing resources are needed the distributed computing approach costs remains practically linearly dependent. In comparison, costs of servers with multi CPUs grows almost exponentially until physical constraints are realized at which point no such dedicated server is available. Using Velokri Platform you go beyond such constraints and grow your computing resources indefinitely.